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Biker Boy: Ali Azmat to travel across Europe on his motorcycle this summer

The singer has recently announced that he will be travelling across Europe on his bike this summer and what is more, he is going to be taking fans on …Read more

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Biker Boy Ali Azmat to travel across Europe on his motorcycle this summer

KARACHI Ali Azmat will always remain Pakistans original rock star the man who gave us the iconic Jazba-e-Junoon But he is also someone who never shies away from taking risks whether it
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Off your bike Burly biker jumps from his motorcycle to help elderly lady at zebra crossing after she was ignored by passing cars

Cathy Martin commented on the video saying lovely to see so good manners still exist What a lovely guy for helping the lady across the road added Margaret Nicol Amber-Rose Blakely said How nice is that Xxx and Cheryl Forbes added
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Area natives discovery of mastodon bones was historic find

Emanuel Manis was the son of immigrant parents his father Nick from Greece and his mother Carolyn Stephansky from Poland who settled in Ambridge in 1924 In addition to Emanuel who died in 2000 they also had a son Ted who lives in Harmony
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Iran says idiotic new US sanctions shut doors of diplomacy

In this picture released on Wednesday June 19 2019 by the official website of the office of the Iranian supreme leader Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks in a meeting at his residence cleric has no plans to travel to the United States
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Man travels around the world in refurbished ambulance after life-changing epiphany

A man who suffered a near-death experience has packed up his life to travel the world in a converted After returning to America from living in Europe I bought a motorcycle to travel the States on I had no money so I lived in my hammock while exploring
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The world turned updside down

He partnered up with a friend who was a keen mountain biker and between them they started representing a handful of clients In 1998 Gosling by now sans friend stumbled across Ali G proportions but Gosling believes he has succeeded by keeping his
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