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Big Asteroid Buzzed Past Earth Last Week: 2019 OK

A 330-foot- (100 m) wide asteroid designated 2019 OK passed just 43,500 miles (70,000 km) from Earth on July 25, 2019. It was discovered by the Brazilian SONEAR survey just days ago, and its presence was announced mere hours before it zoomed past …Read more

Big Asteroid Buzzed Past Earth Last Week 2019 OK

Astronomers are well aware of the risks posed by asteroids hitting Earth Meteor craters can be found around the globe and some relatively fresh examples include Wolfe Creek in northern Australia and the imaginatively named Meteor Crater in Arizona
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An asteroid just buzzed past Earth and we barely noticed in time

A 100-metre-wide asteroid passed just 70000km from Earth big rock may be enough to avoid annihilation This article was amended on July 26 2019 The original version stated that 2019 OK
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An Asteroid Big Enough to Wipe Out a City Nearly Hit Earth Last Week

Last Thursday at about 1122 AM Australian eastern standard time an asteroid big enough to wipe out a city streaked past Earth only hours after it was first observed Asteroid 2019 OK as the rock With a week or two to go its getting
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This Asteroid Could Have Wiped Out a City Scientists Almost Missed It

Last week an asteroid took it past Mars and within the orbit of Venus ultimately meaning that it spent little time near Earth visible to scientists Moreover 2019 OK wasnt big enough
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It snuck up on us Scientists stunned by city-killer asteroid that just missed Earth

On Thursday the astronomers phone was suddenly flooded with calls from reporters wanting to know about a large asteroid that had just whizzed past Earth this week Then he looked up the details of the hunk of space rock named Asteroid 2019 OK
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Scientists nearly missed this asteroid

People are only sort of realizing what happened pretty much after its already flung past us The asteroids presence was discovered only earlier this week The last space rock to strike Earth similar in size to Asteroid 2019 OK was more
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