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Beto O'Rourke was the loser of the first Democratic primary debate

Elizabeth Warren may have been the biggest name onstage at Wednesday night's Democratic debate, the first of the 2020 presidential cycle, but some star-turns from Cory Booker and a surprisingly powerful performance from Castro, who'd previously gone …Read more

Fact check The first Democratic primary debate Day 2

Day two of the first Democratic presidential debate held in Miami Thursday brought ten more candidates discussing the future of the country and the biggest issues in the Democratic primary contest Amy Klobuchar Beto ORourke Tim Ryan and Elizabeth
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Biden Dated Himself Underperformedand Was Eaten Alive

On the first night that proved a fatal blow to Beto O The biggest loser of the last two nights was Donald Trump Jesse Ferguson is a Democratic strategist This debate wasnt the beginning of the end of the Democratic primary it was only
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Why reality TV has nothing on the Democratic debates

Beto ORourke Sen Amy Klobuchar people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails in a Democratic primary debate on October 13 2015 Key moment Her first of numerous appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the aftermath
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Little to trouble Trump in first Democratic debate

Its because of Trumps unorthodox norm-shattering style that a record number of Democrats are running for president – so many that the partys first presidential debates had to be spaced out over two nights Yet the first Democratic debate held in Miami
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Tim Ryan Just Wants to Make a Good Impression Tonight

Hes got his own set of campaign priorities and a particular vision for the country that hes intent on communicating to the American public at the first Democratic-primary debate on Wednesday Elizabeth Warren Beto ORourke Amy Klobuchar
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Democratic debate Candidates go head-to-head on second night live updates

Its debate night round two Thursday as the next set of 10 candidates face off in the first week of primary debates of the 2020 presidential Amy Klobuchar former Rep Beto ORourke Rep Tim Ryan and Sen Elizabeth Warren The debate begins at
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