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Bemutatkozott a Nintendo Switch Lite

A Nintendo Switch Lite egy klasszikus kézikonzol, amely a nagy testvérétől eltérően egyáltalán nem köthető rá a tévékre, továbbá a Joy-Con játékvezérlők sem szedhetőek le az oldalairól. A termékbe 6,3 helyett 5,5 hüvelykes érintőkijelző került (a felbontás …Read more

Nintendo to launch a Switch Lite console in September for 200

The Nintendo Switch Lite will launch on September 20 for 19999 the company revealed in a statement Wednesday It will be available in three colors yellow gray and turquoise Because Nintendo is emphasizing Switch Lite as more of a straightforward
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There are only two types of people who should buy Nintendos new 200 Switch Lite

Nintendo has a new addition to the Switch family But its not for everyone The Nintendo Switch Lite is 100 cheaper than the traditional Nintendo Switch but it also comes with lots of trade-offs compared to the original console The main difference is
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We Tried the New Nintendo Switch Lite Heres What Its Like to Play

Nintendo on Wednesday unveiled the Nintendo Switch Lite a smaller and cheaper version of its popular console rethought exclusively for handheld use While the standard Nintendo Switch
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Nintendos Switch Lite is a 200 handheld-only console

The rumors were true Nintendo was working on a new kind of Switch and here it is The Switch Lite is a slightly different console designed for handheld play and will arrive September 20th priced at 200 When it does land itll come in three different
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Why the Nintendo Switch Lite makes perfect sense

The Nintendo Switch is more than just a handheld Unless that is youre talking about the newly announced Nintendo Switch Lite Then it literally is just a handheld OK so lets talk about the Nintendo Switch Lite As of Wednesday the 11th of July
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Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller cheaper Switch built exclusively for handheld play

Theres a new Switch on the way and its a whole lot smaller Today Nintendo revealed the Switch Lite designed as a less expensive alternative to the original tablet console hybrid It comes in at 199 100 less than the base unit and for
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