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Behind the making of the State College Arts Fest poster

Every year, the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts brings a burst of color to the streets of downtown State College with decorative banners and …Read more

Teardown 2019 A Festival Of Hacking Art And FPGAs

The organisers behind Teardown 2019 Crowd Supply and the MakeThinkCode department at PNCA managed to pull off a vibrant and intelligent hardware hacking event that championed art tech
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Self-Help Graphics 1983-1991 at Laguna Art Museum Looks Brand-New

Biv stacked above the titles words would be familiar to anyone whod ever perused a poster shop The sister was a beloved teacher at Immaculate Heart College to making 16 works of art
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About Town 4000 arts lovers flock to third annual South Bay Festival of the Arts

The main draw was the entertainment but festival goers also enjoyed an art Here college students Sterling Goddard and Paloma Arriero dressed in princess costumes thrilled little girls Kate and Grace Vaudo of San Pedro who were making
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When it comes to public art what can Charleston can learn from a 40-foot puppy

Just about every city has a public arts program says Mark Sloan director and chief curator of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston So what exactly is the stumbling block in making a space for public art
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Conservation project uses invasive plant to make art

According to the Department of Natural Resources reed canary grass is a major threat to wetlands across the state because it can out-compete native species Haglin is an assistant professor of art making it into something good At the festival
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Sabra Field marks 50th year making Vermont art

This coming weekend the 84-year-old printmaker will celebrate her 50th year making iconic a Middlebury College professor and director of its Museum of Art wrote in the catalogue of the
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