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Basic health unit to be established on Babusar top

MANSEHRA: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department would build a basic health unit in Babusar top and upgrade the existing one in Naran to a rural health centre to provide better health care and emergency services to tourists in Kaghan valley, …Read more

Health dept to set up upgrade BHUs in Naran

MANSEHRA The health department is going to establish a basic health unit in Babusar Top area and upgrade the Naran BHU to a rural health centre to provide better healthcare and emergency services to visitors to Kaghan valley in the summer season
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2019 NBA Free-Agency Big Board Top 25 Players Still Available Entering Day 3

Every other top-15 free agent has made his decision recent performance age health developmental arc expected contract value and the ease with which they can be fit into a new team
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Beaver Feces Inspire a Way to Convert Type A to Type O Human Blood

My writing assignments for Medscape Medical News tend to be formulaic summarize the findings of an interesting new paper enabling busy health care professionals to stay on top of the literature library that they established from the sample they
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Integrating biomedical research and electronic health records to create knowledge-based biologically meaningful machine-readable embeddings

Here in an effort to bridge this gap Electronic Health Records EHRs onto the SPOKE knowledge network utilizing a modified version of PageRank the well-established random walk algorithm 13 These embeddings called Propagated SPOKE Entry Vectors
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Children spend Eidi on donkey-back rides

District health officers DHOs of Abbottabad Mansehra Chitral Swat Kalam and others have been directed to welcome incoming tourists Directives have also been given to keep all basic health units and Saiful Mulook Babusar top and other key
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Leveraging Medicaid To Combat The Opioid Epidemic How Leader States And Health Plans Deliver Evidence-Based Treatment

As a nation we have an effective but underused tool in our arsenal medication-assisted treatment MAT which has been firmly established Medicaid Health Home model Rhode Island and Vermont make supplemental health home payments on top of regular
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