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Barnaby Joyce says he's struggling to support his families on $211000 parliamentary income

The article prompted criticism from his fellow parliamentarians, prompting Mr Joyce to clarify his circumstances. "I am not skint, very good headline," he told reporters at Parliament House. "You've all read it but I am not skint … I am on an incredibly good wage …Read more

Barnaby Joyce says hes struggling to support his families on 211000 parliamentary income

Former deputy prime minister Barnaby he claimed his 211000 income was spread thin Barnaby Joyce insists hes not skint following an interview with News Corp Hes attracted criticism for saying hes struggling to support his families on 211000
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Barnaby Joyce struggles to support two families on 210k a year – and calls to increase the dole

Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says he is now watching every penny of his 211000 a year salary as it is spread thin over two families – and revealed It is hard at that level of income especially in regional areas to have enough
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Pauline Hanson slams Barnaby Joyce over claims he is broke despite earning 211000 a year

Pauline Hanson has slammed Barnaby Joyce after he complained he is struggling to support two families on his 211000 salary cabinet minister has refused to say whether he personally intervened to stop a parliamentary committee from recommending
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