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Bali viral video left you in shock? See what you can and cannot take from hotel room

Recently a video of Indian family stealing accessories from a hotel in Bali went viral online, leaving Indians all over embarrassed on the internet. The family, according to the viral video, had stolen a lot of objects from the room such as towels, electronics, …Read more

Stealing from hotel rooms is a No No cautions psychiatrist

Dubai The viral video of an unidentified Indian family caught red-handed with all sorts of souvenirs from their hotel room in the Indonesian resort of Bali that is left you could
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The Taste With Vir How is stealing from hotel rooms a perfect crime Heres what you can and cannot take when you checkout

I was reminded of that incident when I saw the viral video on Twitter of an Indian family having their bags searched outside a South East Asian hotel I think it was Bali in your room you cant tip its contents into your handbag and take it all
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Julianne Moore talks AIDS activism and the documentary 5B

I think we have to take responsibility for our community stepped up and really set an example for everybody else Cliff what can people who see 5B do to continue the work that you began in 1983 Morrison I think just being informed paying attention
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Trump Time Capsule 149 Cancel the Election

In the clip below you can see what weve come to recognize as a classic Trump As a result he can have it both ways People who want to can take this as something Trump is really supporting This is a variation of A lot of people are
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WATCH Pilot reveals secret location hidden on board plane – do you know where it is

In the room shown in the video six crew members can sleep in there in one time Stowage of cargo and passenger baggage is not allowed to be kept in this area Pilots also have rules for what they can and cannot do while flying in the cockpit During take
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Isolation Play

They all saw that video wherein Bryant having spent one practice daring Lin to shoot declares You motherfuckers to-back Or take the other viral Lakers Vine this season from a game against the Grizzlies down one with 24 seconds left
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