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Babita to spend birthday in own style today

The heroine who represented Bangladesh in the global film industry for the first time, she is none other than Babita. The internationally-acclaimed artiste is best known for her performance in Satyajit Ray’s ‘Distant Thunder’, a novel adaptation about the Bengal …Read more

How Prince Georges Sixth Birthday Portraits Compare to Previous Years

In three new portraits released by the royal family to celebrate Georges sixth birthday the prince can be the little royal seems to be developing his own personality a love of football and a sense of style all of which are heartwarming to see
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How Meghan Markle Plans to Celebrate Her 38th Birthday

Meghan Markle still has a few months to go until her 38th birthday rolls around in August Queen E is also gifting Meghan her own wing for extra privacy during her stay with Harry and Archie The Queen and Prince Philip adore the couple and
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Its Her Party Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Her 50th Birthday with a Lavish Star-Studded Miami Bash

To celebrate her 50th birthday on Wednesday the star hosted friends and family A sit-down dinner with assigned seating kicked off the night and the food was served buffet-style with a huge caviar bar open for the taking Right before the
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Sporty Prince George Flashes a Gap-Toothed Grin in Three New Birthday Photos

Wearing a huge gap-toothed smile and an England football shirt Prince George giggled for the camera in a series of charming pictures released to celebrate his sixth birthday on Monday which has a no-fly zone and its own security team
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Stars and stripes How to spend Americas birthday in Blacksburg

Its a good idea to bring a blanket and picnic-style outdoors if you own a projector just find a place to set it up lay a blanket on the ground and voila youve created an outdoor movie theater Another way to casually celebrate
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All the tiny bikinis Bella and Gigi Hadid have worn in Mykonos

The models who are on the Greek island to celebrate half-sister Alana Hadids 34th birthday have been sharing very glamorous poolside look Copy her style and invest in a cut-out swimsuit of your own Gigi is also clearly favouring barely
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