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Australian women's success, role models inspire participation boom

"We're most proud of walking the talk around becoming a genuinely gender-neutral sport," he said. "It's probably more real for me – I had a daughter 18 months ago and she can decide what she wants to play. There will be cricket competitions on offer to her.Read more

Promoting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals: Women's Leadership, Religion, and Scholarship

Tony Robbins: How to Discipline Yourself ( Tony Robbins Coaching )

This Year @ NASA, 2012

Champions of Change: Disaster Preparedness

Australian womens success role models inspire participation boom

The success and profile of Meg Lannings national womens team has stimulated cricket participation from great role models at the top and the work weve done at the grassroots There wouldnt be far youd have to go in Australia to find
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Video The systemic challenge to STEM learning

As the mining boom comes to problem the CIOs of Australias universities are grappling with on a daily basis They argue there are no role models to excite prospective STEM students little public celebration of STEM success stories and a lack of
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12th Annual Special Events Magazine 25 Top DMCs

We know that events are extraordinary levers that inspire–moving careers recommendations from vendors and clients and participation in professional industry associations NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Recent events have included an award-winning Dive Bar
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The brand racquet why Federer Moet are a champagne union

He says Australia to inspire others be a role model and be trustworthy Its important to me In many ways Ive changed the way people think about athletes We do get judged very harshly on our success Good today bad tomorrow and boom — finished
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Chasing Ghosts

I was advised then by former Australian colonial patrolmen But none of us regretted a mile of it To inspire active participation in the world outside through award-winning coverage of the sports people places adventure discoveries health and
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Interview Former England netball star Tamsin Greenway

Sports Mole chats to former England netball star Tamsin Greenway about raising the sports profile and theres no reason why the sport cant keep growing Netball is a great role model for females as well its such a social sport – all the time
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