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At the Democratic Debate, Pete Buttigieg Addresses the Age Issue

“I don't care how old you are,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Indiana, said at Tuesday night's Democratic debate, in Detroit. “I care about your vision.” One of the CNN moderators, Don Lemon, had asked whether voters should “take into consideration …Read more

At the Democratic Debate Pete Buttigieg Addresses the Age Issue

I dont care how old you are Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend Indiana said at Tuesday nights Democratic debate in Detroit I care about your vision One of the CNN moderators Don Lemon had asked whether voters should take into
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First night of Democratic debate reveals split between progressives centrists on issues beating Trump

After the second round on Wednesday night the next Democratic debates issues he said Sanders later responded We need to have a campaign on energy and excitement and vision Pete Buttigieg the youngest candidate on the stage used his age
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The Latest Pence warns against 2020 Democratic socialists

candidates arent eager to make age an issue in the 2020 nominating fight Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the youngest candidate in the Democratic field at age 37 But he turned a discussion of age at Tuesdays debate into an attack on congressional
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Warren and Sanders defend progressive turf on first night of Detroit debate

The spirited first night of the second Democratic at any age Buttigieg said Sanders also sidestepped the question of age Pete is right Its a question of vision Sanders said — Grace Segers 1015 pm Nearly two hours into the debate the
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Commentators Who won the Democratic debate

There were no break-outs no serious stumbles no ambushes like we saw in the first round of Democratic debates all-news channel If debates alone determined the outcome of a presidential primary Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg would be
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Sanders And Warren Stand Together Takeaways From Tuesdays Democratic Debate

Tuesday nights Democratic presidential debate in Detroit was widely expected to pit the Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota talked of winning her state plus Wisconsin Michigan and Iowa Pete Buttigieg mayor of South Bend Ind also talked about there
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