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Asia Rice-Strong currency props up Indian rates, wider demand subdued

… * Indian prices rise to $374-$377/T vs $371-$374/T last week. * Thai prices slip to $390-$404/T vs $395-$413/T last week. * Bangladesh to buy 400,000 tonnes at $307.73/T to support farmers. By Eileen Soreng. BENGALURU, July 11 (Reuters) – Rice export …Read more

Asia Rice-Strong currency props up Indian rates wider demand subdued

BENGALURU July 11 Reuters – Rice export prices in India extended gains this week helped by a stronger rupee while expectations of fresh supplies entering the market weighed on Thai rates along with muted demand across major paddy-growing countries
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World Economic Situation and Prospects Monthly Briefing No 78

Although unemployment rates may have trended measures introduced to prop up the market but strong stock market performance continues to drive speculative capital away and weighs down on property prices South Asia earthquake in Nepal devastates
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Equities outlook 2008

The MA activity that has provided a prop to equity markets over the last few years would be at risk of drying up were it not for the deep pockets Energy sector Subdued demand and increasing supply is likely to lead to lower oil prices in 2008
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Contrarian Idea Why Egypt May Be On The Verge Of A Major Economic Rebound

Mr Market has let the mass media machine stir up his emotions and cloud his judgment giving the careful investor an excellent opportunity Lets dig in Brief overview 1 – The development of modern day Egypt and its economic political and military
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Oil still dominating Mideast economies ICAEW

Dubbed Ghadan 21 or Tomorrow 21 they entail a Dh50 billion 136 billion stimulus plan that includes various measures to prop up investment and facilitate a soft jobs market and subdued demand were the main reasons behind the decline
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Is Bill Maher Right That Libertarians Have to Stop Ruining Libertarianism

Maher stresses that he didnt leave libertarianism rather the movement went nuts You can dismiss everything he says easily logically emotionally and bring up all the myriad ways in which hes just WRONG WRONG WRONG and how hes really a COMMIE
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