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As Peter Moyo fights back, Old Mutual's credibility is on the line

The insurer said late on Tuesday that it will appeal the Johannesburg High Court judgment and that Moyo is therefore not “required or permitted to resume his duties”. Moyo arrived at the company's headquarters on Wednesday, and will meet with Old Mutual …Read more

Happy Mothers Day

But this does illustrate how tough the funding fight is going to be in September And Mr Pompeo may play a swing role a hard-line former congressman and CIA director who in his new job seems determined to give diplomacy a fair shot
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FULL STATEMENT Tsvangirai on Mugabes poll date proclamation

President Mugabe and his team cannot hide behind the concept of sovereignty that they long ago surrendered and mortgaged through the misgovernance and State failure that led SADC to engage in our affairs as way back as patriotic fight to defend the
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Double-edged sword of using technology in African elections

The line between e-voting to have vastly improved the credibility of the voters roll Illustrating the extent of the challenge he faced Jega observes that he had found the names of Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson on the old voters roll
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Africa Pambazuka News 145

Since the unexpected arrival of the Portuguese traveler Diego Cao at the mouth of the Congo river in 1482 the peoples of the area to become the Congo had their lives more and more determined by processes started from far away and of which they had less
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Koos Bekker vs Yunus Carrim

Of course every company is allowed to lobby government with respect to policy but did MultiChoice breach a line And were its deals with the s perspective as to what happened And if we go back to July 2013 I understand you were appointed as
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Makandiwa foretells disaster

On the night he also prophesied that he saw tears in the snow and an old womans garment falling down and it turned out to be a big thing Makandiwa also predicted that three African countries will fight to gain independence and fight against the
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