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As India's tiger numbers rise, Modi has gone on safari with Bear Grylls

Modi, who will appear in a special edition of Grylls' TV show "Man Vs Wild" to be aired August 12, said the results show India is one of the world's biggest and most secure habitats for tigers. "The results of the just declared tiger census would make every …Read more

As Indias tiger numbers rise Modi has gone on safari with Bear Grylls

CNN Indias tiger population has increased Modi announced the results Monday to mark International Tiger Day the same day video emerged of the politician traveling around the Indian countryside with British survival expert Bear Grylls
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Modi versus Wild Indian PM to join Bear Grylls in Indian wilderness

The figures come as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi teams up with British TV adventurer Bear Grylls to go on safari number of protected areas in the country rose to 860 last year from 692 in 2014 Similarly the number of community reserves has
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