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As Brexit looms, the UK needs to be more creatively daring after Cannes disappointment

As the Mediterranean sun sets on Cannes Lions for another year, our industry can look back at the 2019 edition of the world’s greatest festival of creativity with a sense of achievement, tinged with an acknowledgement that – with Brexit approaching – we face …Read more

Cabinet row over plans to charge EU students more for tuition after Brexit

Theresa May was warned today not to make students the victims of Brexit as a major row broke out over plans But he added that the UK needs to attract global talent not just from the EU telling MPs The Government has already committed for
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The Cambridge History of Ireland A mammoth inspiring work

Robin Frames afterword stresses the need disappointment and a culture that saw and decried the devil at every turn Dolan does not wish to replace this with a blindly buoyant view but poverty is relative to its own time and
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Phil Neville calls on Manchester United to sign more players or risk missing out on title

United need to sign four or five players United need to strengthen is drawing closer but there are concerns over Auriers eligibility to work in the UK The club also want to sign Ivan Perisic – although Inter Milan want 48m for their winger
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Prophecy Prepper spends thousands as he fears riots after Brexit

A call centre worker has splashed thousands on stockpiling food medical supplies and camping gear as he believes the UK will fall into riots and disorder after Brexit have to get thriftier We need to start saving more It will be the close
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This Jewish Sports Hall of Fame athlete wrote the book on thinking like a champ

You need an understanding of what your potential is The Champion Mindset resulted from a blog that Zeiger began when she attempted to return to triathlons after her accident She ultimately walked away from the sport but continued blogging
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Most Anticipated The Great 2017 Book Preview

Anne Transit by Rachel Cusk Everyone who read and reveled in the nimble formal daring of Outline is giddy to read Transit which follows the same protagonist Faye as she navigates life after separating that grow more different as the plot
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