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Arts Funding is on the Chopping Block in Many States. Can Donors Fill the Gap?

As state legislators take an ax to arts funding across the U.S., regional donors are stepping up to fill the gaps. For a rather extreme example of this …Read more

Trump reportedly wants to cut cultural programs that make up 002 percent of federal spending

It gets additional funding from donors Cutting all discretionary spending each year means cutting all funding for the military which is both politically and rationally a nonstarter The formulas for how much is spent on the non-discretionary spending
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Arts funding the view from America

Can fill a precipitous funding gap Access cultivation negotiation these all take time and with few exceptions corporate arts funding in America doesnt approach the percentage of support British groups have been receiving via ACE Indeed many
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Gobioff Foundation starts fund to raise money for Tampa Bay arts

This was a devastating blow for many of our arts organizations who now must look at cutting The funding will be proportionate with the amount they were approved to receive from the state Tax-deductible donations to help fill the gap can be made
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Column In LA Unified elementary schools library books could be off-limits to many students

LA Unified elementary school libraries are on the chopping block once again and library aides many of whom could lose their which would help fill part of the budget gap is a chance for those who spoke up in favor of public education to weigh
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How the Abbott government is funding a high-culture war

The short-term gains look good on paper and show that our cultural sector is performing strongly but will surely grow stale as we fill arts spending compared to the federal governments 33 have also been cutting arts funding State and
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As Deadline Looms Louisville Lawmakers Seek Consensus In Budget Fix

To fill the rest of the budget gap will require raising the insurance premium tax which Louisville Metro can do without state approval did not include many specifics regarding what services may be on the chopping block when the level of cuts is
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