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Arts alive program brings out the best in its participants

Arts Alive serves five counties in both performing and visual arts. They've won many awards over the years, including “Best Practices in the Arts” from …Read more

Arts Alive summer camp brings magic mosaics to campers

Every year the nonprofit hosts a week-long arts camp in West Point to give participants opportunities in art that they may not have at school Arts Alive President Ellen Davis said the camp sold out this year was to keep the program affordable
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45 Festivals to Check Out in the Seattle Area This Weekend July 2628 2019

Plus check out even more art for sale at the Sixth Street Arts Fair Angela Garbes called it simply the best small music festivalbig ol house party around Slims Hillbilly Headbangers Ball celebrates its ninth birthday with a whole day and
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Living in the pastime

Baseball has wrapped its arms around unsettled souls and taken them out to the ballgame Watching what happens here is like watching people come to life says Anne Oh manager of support groups and activity programs best tales come from the
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Chance to see world-class acts as NOOSA alive continues

A STAND-OUT event on the NOOSA alive 2019 program is Thomas ES Kellys MISCONCEIVE which has its CONCEIVE brings audiences through the past to understand the present and move forward into a better future Full of the stuff you love best
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In the Spotlight Whats coming to Louisvilles Stages Next Season

We took a peek backstage with several area theater gurus to learn how the year has gone so far and find out what is in the wings They see their mission as one to bring the arts alive This is an exciting time for Louisville said StageOne
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The 50 Best Things to Do in Asheville

Plus its alive and well on the LaZooms City Comedy Bus Tour which make you laugh while teaching you all about Ashevilles history And if you dont wind up staying in Montford youll ride through it as well as downtown Asheville the River
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