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Art Valet: Fresh Arts to teach tricks of trade at upcoming summit

The term “starving artist” is a dirty word in the artist circles I run with. For me the image that comes to mind is a red-and-white tent in an old mall parking …Read more

The Crowd, A Study of The Popular Mind by Gustave Le Bon

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Xalima TV

The World Set Free by H. G. WELLS – Full Free Audio Book

Art Valet Fresh Arts to teach tricks of trade at upcoming summit

Carla Lyles the founder of Carla Sue Greeting Cards and Gifts speaks at a recent workshop for creatives sponsored by Fresh Arts Submitted photo The term starving artist is a dirty word in the artist circles I run with For me the image that comes
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The inside secrets of real estate agents TV investigation exposes shocking tricks used to buy and sell houses

In a new ABC News 2020 investigation two major players in the real estate game come clean about some of the most common tricks of the trade which every person seeking to buy or sell property should know Ryan Serhant a top New York City real estate
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New York Citys Guide to Cultural Events Surrounding 911

Throughout recorded history the arts have brought inspiration From concerts and readings to exhibitions and public art these events will provide opportunities for reflection and engagement and help our city move forward in sorrow in
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HEATHERS THE MUSICAL shows off a younger ART cast at their edgy best

ART will present HEATHERS at the Phillip Sheridan Building But the most striking figure all evening was Carly Luksch as the mythic bitch Heather Chandler She is by trade a movement consultant and was the choreographer for this show
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Top North Korean official reappears days after purge report

A senior North Korean official who had been reported as purged over the failed nuclear summit with Washington has been shown in state media enjoying a concert near leader Kim Jong Un North Korean publications on Monday showed Kim Yong Chol sitting five
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Is efficiency worth the extra cost

President Barack Obamas stimulus package includes more savings opportunities for consumers who are willing to make some changes to existing homes or ask for certain features in their newly constructed houses Tax credits for existing homes 30 percent
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