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Art talks

Art talks is a seminar serie conducted in different ways by people from our research. Arranged by Stockholm University of the Arts and Forum/Debatt, …Read more

Art in the Age of Instagram | Jia Jia Fei | TEDxMarthasVineyard

Are you CHASING after the WRONG ART CAREER? – Art Talks #50

Why art is important | Katerina Gregos | TEDxGhent

Why must artists be poor? | Hadi Eldebek

Art Cashin Powell may be Trumps ally after all when it comes to China trade talks

If the Fed chairman were to continue to show an openness to possibly cutting interest rates Art Cashin reasons that such a signal would give the president more leverage with China The veteran trader suggests Trump might feel more comfortable pressing for
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Art Talk Art and science with Chris and Cara Day

An example of Chris Days landscape design An example of Chris Days landscape design Caption Close An example of Chris Days landscape design An example of Chris Days landscape design Landscape design is an artform and I would argue one of the most
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Choosing A Doctor IPO Outlook Tracking Art Sales Podcast

Jackie Kelley Americas IPO Leader at Ernst Young talks about seeing a second wave of companies going public this year and into 2020 Jacob Pabst CEO at Artnet the database for tracking art sales at auction Hosts Carol Massar and Jason Kelly
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Peter Selz an Art Museum Force on Two Coasts Dies at 100

The art on the walls and the artists were the most important things At a party later that night at the house of Tinguelys dealer Mr Selz said that his bosses would not talk to him because of the fire You see they had a reason to be
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Making art with small talk

CHENNAI Womens identity and independence come across colourfully in Nandini R Nairs paintings Small Talk Voices to be heard a solo exhibition by the artist will be displayed till June 30 at The Folly Amethyst Around 50 paintings will be on
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New Hollywood Podcast Ava DuVernay Talks Impact Of When They See Us And Using Art As Activism

The story of the Central Park 5 now called the Exonerated 5 is a part of American history that is difficult to consume and is unfortunately all too relevant to 2019 even though the events happened in 1989 Ava DuVernay painted an emotional
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