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Art Beat: Last weekend of Sherlock Holmes, Shoreline Arts Festival, jazz music galore

Shoreline Arts Festival has two stages of performance over the weekend. Conveniently located and totally free, the diverse lineup of musicians and …Read more

Art Beat Last weekend of Sherlock Holmes Shoreline Arts Festival jazz music galore

The Edmonds Driftwood Players close the final show of their 60th season June 30 with Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily The opening scene of this play gives us a glimpse of the
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First Stages Sherlock shines a bright light in the theatrical sky

Rarely would anybody pick a lighting designer as the star unless they see the wonderful production of Sherlock Holmes The Baker Street Irregulars budding love stories and twists and turns galore One thing about First Stage is that they never
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Robert Downey Jrs pregnant wife Susan strips down to her bikini as couple take a dip in Hawaii sea

Susan was wearing a blue swimsuit as they sat together in a cove on the shoreline yesterday – but it didnt take next some – but before that Downey Jr will be seen in the Sherlock Holmes sequel this Christmas playing the titular role in the Guy
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Reviewing the decade in review

Now a quick roundup of the Decade In Review stories Heres Times Decade From Hell story Loved the cover The authors point is that we created our own problems through greed deferral of responsibility and various other sins It was almost as if we as
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three Synthesizers MicroKorg Roland 201 Korg Prophesy

An upright piano an old Casio keyboard from the 80s a Fender Rhodes piano bass that used to belong to Tom Verlaine of the amazing band Television and boxes of broken analog tape recorders that I keep replacing due to too much songwritingIve tried
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Public Square – Readers Picks

Last weekend at Movement Detroits and the worlds premier electronic music party A strong showing for charging a fee for bringing back the aquarium or zoo and scattered votes for everything from getting rid of tourists now thats radical to
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