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Around 12m Pakistanis suffering from Hepatitis B, C: Expert

Islamabad-Around 12 million people in the country are suffering from Hepatitis B or C while each year brings about 150,000 new cases, a health expert said on Monday. READ MORE: Islam and Pakistan’s constitution guarantees minority rights: Siraj ul Haq.Read more

Afghan drugs go to rest of world via Pakistan UN report

The social and economic impacts of drug use on families society and the country are enormous further increasing the burden on health services related to drug treatment and treatment of drug-associated diseases such as Hepatitis B and C and HIV
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Scientists sceptical about device that remotely detects hepatitis C

It appears to swing towards people who suffer from hepatitis C Amien said he was exploring the possibility of using C-Fast to screen for hepatitis B syphilis and HIV Dr Saeed Hamid president of the Pakistan Society for the Study of Liver Diseases
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Experts foresee hepatitis emergency in Sindh as incidence ratio climbs to 9pc

He said that globally around two billion and in Pakistan seven to eight million people are suffering from Hepatitis B or C In the province of Sindh Infectious diseases expert Dr Ali Imran recommended the use of tele-health education and electronic
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World Hepatitis Day As the prevalence rises so does the burden

In Pakistan more people die of hepatitis in a day than from terrorism in one year Dr Mohsin said there are around seven to eight million people suffering from hepatitis C in the country and four million from hepatitis B adding that the actual
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Globetrotting Pathogens

When he called back Dr Tulu the communicable disease expert at the Dallas of entry for immigrants from around the world The neighborhoods depicted on Dr Tulus map are home to Albanians Kurds Hmong Indians Pakistanis Serbs Sierra Leonians
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Poor awareness to blame

Medicine is a subject that is advancing rapidly and even doctors need to be constantly learning said liver transplant expert Dr Thomas Cherian Giving statistics he says India is home to 11 per cent of patients suffering from chronic Hepatitis B
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