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Application of nanomaterials in three‐dimensional stem cell culture

Generally, cell culture has a long history in cell biology and, in our modern era, it plays a vital role in the detailed understanding of both theoretical and …Read more

Don Kohn: CRISPR Applications – Gene Editing in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

3D Cell Culture from N3DBIO

Nanofiber Solutions 3D Cell Culture Technology

3D Cell Culture with VitroGel™ Hydrogel System : TheWell Bioscience

3D Cell Cultures Market Technical Breakthrough and a Competitive Outlook to Stay Abreast on the Key Trends Impacting this Market by 2024

This technique stimulates the normal cell to differentiate proliferate and migrate by interacting with their three-dimensional surroundings 3D cell culture nurtures Type Application Tissue Engineering Tumor Model Stem Cell Research Drug
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Researchers design superhydrophobic nanoflower for biomedical applications

Gaharwars lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering have developed a lotus effect by incorporating atomic defects in nanomaterials applications of controlled hydrophobicity in stem
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A water repellent nanoflower for biomedical applications

2D nanomaterials blood and cell culture media containing proteins do not adhere to the surface which is very promising In addition the team is currently exploring the potential applications of controlled hydrophobicity in stem cell fate
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Laboratory study paves way for new approach to treating hair loss in humans

a three-dimensional tissue culture called hair follicle germ HFG HFG is composed of hair follicle stem cells derived from both epithelial outer layer of the skin and mesenchymal tissue
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Establishment of a Murine Pro-acinar Cell Line to Characterize Roles for FGF2 and 31 Integrins in Regulating Pro-acinar Characteristics

mSG-DUC1 cells express lines were maintained using culture conditions described above For cultures supplemented with FGF2 human recombinant EGF was replaced with 100 ngml bFGFFGF2 Peprotech 450-33 For three-dimensional 3D cultures
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Advancing 3D Cell Culture for Biomedical Research Using Primary Cells

These methods typically involve culturing two distinct types of cells in vitro Adcock A Liju Y Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Systems and Their Applications in Drug Discovery and Cell-Based Biosensors Assay Drug Dev Technol
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