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Apple will be fine without Jony Ive

You could smell the hysteria at the news. Where will Apple, a company famous for its commitment to design and its famous designer, go from here? Sir Jonathan Ive’s departure, however, may be less of a catastrophe than some think. What if, actually, this isn’t …Read more

Apple will be just fine without Jony Ive sorry Jony

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Jony Ive helped make Apple what it is today

Ive may have left the company but his legacy lives on On Thursday Apple confirmed that Jony Ive is leaving after nearly 30 years The company had to get people comfortable with the idea of a phone without a keyboard or buttons and Ives approachable
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Jony Ive leaving Apple after nearly 30 years to start new design firm

Despite stepping down from his executive position Ive and Apple both claim he will still work on a range of projects with Apple Apple will continue to benefit from Jonys talents culture at Apple that is without peer Ive said
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Time Was Up for Jony Ive and Apples Cult of Design

There will be stories of palace intrigue involving Jony even an Apple executive made fun of it at a recent conference really bring the world vehicles without drivers Apple deserves kudos for carefully stage-managing the exit of Ive
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Apples iPhone designer Jony Ive to exit company

Apples longtime chief design officer Jony Ive Apple that is without peer Today it is stronger more vibrant and more talented than at any point in Apples history Ive said in a
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Jony Ives departure is just the latest headache in Apples increasingly tough year AAPL

Apples chief design officer Jony Ive is leaving to start his own firm Apple fought back saying that Spotify couldnt have gotten where it is without the benefits afforded by the App Store platform Spotify wouldnt be the business they are today
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