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Another Soaring IPO Creates $1.5 Billion Fortune for Fashion Duo

(Bloomberg) — Online retailer Revolve Group Inc. says it offers about 1,000 new fashion items a week for sale. A glance at its website shows 233 new …Read more

Another Soaring IPO Creates 15 Billion Fortune for Fashion Duo

Online retailer Revolve Group Inc says it offers about 1000 new fashion items a week for sale A glance at its website shows 233 new arrivals just dropped That rapid turnover and its use of social media have made Revolve one of the best performing
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Top IPOs to Watch in 2017

Theres been a drastic slowdown in IPO activity over the past couple of years but its looking like the number of IPOs this year will reflect a rebound in this market Today were bringing readers the top IPOs to watch in 2017 sell 15 billion
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The 38 coolest CEOs right now in Silicon Valley

Morin launched BritCo a lifestyle website that features crafts fashion and decor economy and is revolutionizing the hospitality industry With at least 15 billion each Airbnb founders Nathan Blecharczyk Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky are some
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Assets are now being shed or forfeited – in the autumn a margin call deprived him of his 15-billion investment in Canadian merge with several steel companies to create a resources supergiant The duo reportedly hope the government will take a
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2012 Businessperson of the Year

It was a year of comebacks and cool performances for the executives on Fortunes annual Businessperson of the Year ranking Retail CEOs Frank Blake of Home Depot and Glenn Murphy of Gap delivered on turnaround promises The duo of Brian Roberts and Steve
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The Jordan Effect The worlds greatest basketball player is also one of its great brands What is his impact on the economy

FORTUNE Magazine Words no longer suffice when the subject controls 80 of the market with 15 billion in revenues Thats more than twice the 681 million in sales it recorded for 1990 the year before Jordan signed a ten-year deal with the
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