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Angela Merkel – aus der Uckermark ins Kanzleramt

Geburtstag der Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel – aus der Uckermark ins Kanzleramt. Geboren in Hamburg, aufgewachsen in der Uckermark, politische Spuren hat sie in Europa und der ganzen Welt hinterlassen. Angela Merkel feiert am 17. Juli 2019 ihren 65 …Read more

POLITICO Morgen Europa Tajani sieht Populisten gestoppt Vterliche Frsorge Schulz Wirtschaftspolitik

Am Abend war der scheidende Prsident Franois Hollande bei Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel aus vertraulichen Abendessen mit anderen Teilnehmern in einer anderen Stadt fhrten jngst ja auch eher zu verhaltener Begeisterung im Kanzleramt
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As it happened The Queens first day in Berlin

Queen Elizabeth II has a packed programme in Berlin on Wednesday 1310 – Chancellor Angela Merkels head spokesman shared a video of the German leader showing the Queen around her Chancellery Knigin Elizabeth II zu Besuch im Kanzleramt Rundgang
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Germany set for grand coalition

I will do all I can to make it work In the elections Mr Schrder had ended up second with a less-than-one-percent margin behind his conservative rival Angela Merkel Mr Schrders Social Democrats SPD are now favouring a model which includes
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Crisis of Financial Markets The Role of Impact Assessments in the Design of Financial Market Regulation

Thomas Schmitz-Lippert As Executive Director for International Policy since November 2005 Thomas Schmitz-Lippert is responsible for BaFins international strategy across the sectors of banking insurance and market supervision and reports directly to
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Blue Mountains

After spending more than two hours walking through this laboratory of ecological and biological systems and without any run-ins with snakes I too share my guides reluctance to return to the tram and make the ascent back to the real world
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