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Anatomy of a Love Island winner: what secret ingredients propelled Greg O'Shea to victory?

Greg, like all the Love Island castmates, is now under ITV-ordered silence, both as part of their contractually obligated requirements and as part of the network's duty of care to its cast who have been propelled into unfathomable levels of fame overnight.Read more

Is this an election or a handover

Witness Tony Abbotts admission that he had already thought about his victory speech only to add rather lamely a day later that he had also thought about a speech in defeat This is the sweetest victory of them all in the right breast pocket
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Abbott shouldnt complain about a carbon tax delay

Prices were never going to plummet in the absence of a carbon tax so the longer its scrapping is delayed from what Ben Chifley identified as the most sensitive part of their anatomy the hip pocket nerve and they do believe that the carbon tax
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