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An Insider's View of the Cuban Art World and 2019 Havana Biennial

In an in-depth interview translated from Spanish, artist and scholar Coco Fusco discusses the 2019 Havana Biennial and state of the Cuban art world …Read more

Cuba detains Tania Bruguera with Havana Biennial in full swing How will the art world react

Bruguera was released that same afternoon But the detention comes at an uncomfortable moment for the Cuban government just as the art world has descended on the 12th Havana Biennial an event that has drawn a jet-setting group of international
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The Importance of Havanas First Alternative Biennial for the Cuban Art Scene

Opening of the 00 Biennial in Havana Cuba all images courtesy of artistic production a view that seems to be particularly anachronistic and rather inadequate in the digital age when the concept of the Third World is becoming increasingly
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Art Industry News Only Art Can Save the World From Ecological Doom Says Noted Environmentalist Other Stories

Plus see Coachellas weirdest art installation and Ai Weiwei creates lego portraits of missing students for a new show in Mexico Artists can save the world ridden Havana Biennial Artists critical of government censorship of the arts in Cuba have
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Cuban galleries rebound as Havana Biennial opens

will also have works by Garaicoa on view during the biennial Despite the postponement of the 2017 biennial the hopeful tenor that gave birth to these new spaces has not yet waned According to Direlia Lazo a curator and founder of Havana Art Weekenda
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Art frenzy takes over Havana as biennial kicks off

Cubas Communist government which has heavily promoted the arts since the countrys 1959 leftist revolution created the Havana Biennial in 1984 to promote artists from the developing world especially Cuban ones This year 80 Cubans will exhibit
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Rich US Collectors Look to Cuba as Next Hot Art Market

With news that the US will establish diplomatic ties and ease economic barriers with Cuba the art world is looking at the nation about they are discovered and their prices rise The Havana Biennial which is more than 30 years old will draw
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