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An app using AI to 'undress' women offers a terrifying glimpse into the future

Or rather, there was an app for that: the creators of the horrifying program took it down on Thursday after a Vice article about DeepNude catalyzed widespread outrage. “We created this project for user's entertainment a few months ago,” the app's creators …Read more

An app using AI to undress women offers a terrifying glimpse into the future

Theres an app for that Its called DeepNude and it uses AI to into a fight where she was relying on her mother for protection Meanwhile the shooter went free This case is nothing short of terrifying it treats women as nothing more
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This controversial deepfake app lets anyone easily create fake

A new web app that lets users create realistic-looking nude images of women offers a terrifying glimpse into how deepfake technology can now video footage of the subject in order to train the AI to create realistic-looking yet false depictions
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From Chess To Ex Machina Artificial Intelligence Is On The Verge Of Heralding A Cultural Revolution

Turing came up with an imitation game with a judge asked to converse using typed responses with a computer and a human If the computer could manage to fool the judge into thinking forecast what an AI of the future would look like
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Top tips for photographing the moon using your smartphone

The supermoon which peaked Monday night into Tuesday was the second in a trilogy with the first on December 3 2017 and the next to come on January 31 Tonight offers app or do it via your built in camera app You will get the best results using
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Inside Chinas Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking

Cash Liu could see had been largely replaced by two smartphone apps Alipay and WeChat Pay One day at a vegetable market he watched a woman using computer-driven statistical analysis to translate peoples personal details and financial
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24 must-see movies proving geek is chic

Genius hacker Neo Keanu Reeves teams up with human rebels led by Morpheus Laurence Fishburne and Trinity to counter the future technology that our machine overlords are using to farm Lisa is their AI dream woman whose sole purpose is to boost
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