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AMD Tackles Early Ryzen 3000 Destiny 2 Compatibility Woes With Beta Chipset Driver

AMD is looking for a few good men and women to test out a new chipset driver that should help to resolve compatibility problems previously discovered between new Ryzen 3000 processors and Destiny 2. When enthusiasts first started taking delivery of their …Read more

An early look at OCZs Vertex 3 solid-state drive

The SF-2000 family is compatible with a wide range of flash technologies including ONFI 20 and Toggle DDR specifications Provided there are no problems with yields these chips should be cheaper to purchase than their 34-nano counterparts leading
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Snow Leopard Compatibility Problems

But I digress–this story isnt about the myriad of installed operating systems I use its about compatibility issues version of the software as a beta but I decided not to install it as some users were running into problems when after installing
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Windows Vista Ultimate

Microsoft spent a lot of the beta process investigating some legacy application or driver may stop your system from operating properly One key test of any new OS is application compatibility Early versions of Vista had problems with some applications
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News written by Andre Yoskowitz June 2014

As part of the upcoming Android L refresh Google changed the visual design of the operating system as well going with the new Material interface As part of the Material update has come a makeover of the stock Google keyboard which promises to be
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AMDs Phenom II X6 processors

One remaining question is how Thuban is able to avoid the effects of the scheduling problems that led AMD chipset The SB850 delivers six Serial ATA 6Gbps ports all backward-compatible with previous versions of the standard of course 14 USB 20
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Items tagged with issue

Say what you will about Apple and yes theres a lot to be said but the company has proven fairly reliable when it comes to repairing or replacing defective gear over the years Theyre even confessing to a bar issue on the iPhone 4 which cant be an
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