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AMD Files Patent for Hybrid Ray Tracing Solution

Credit: AMDIt’s nearly impossible to discuss graphics tech in 2019 without bringing up real-time ray tracing. The rendering technique has been popularized by Nvidia, Microsoft, and an increasing number of game developers over the last few months.Read more

Nvidia Fortress Turing Still Impregnable

Crytek had devised an efficient hybrid ray tracing in games This goes back to what I said almost a year ago theres no way for AMD to build such a solution without infringing Nvidias RTX
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The PlayStation 5 sounds amazing but will it cost a fortune

Its got a powerful modern CPU a next generation GPU ray tracing hybrid system using a smaller SSD in tandem with a spinning disk HDD and intelligent caching so that relevant files are stored on the SSD for when theyre needed AMD have a
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AMD Navi RX 5700 XT Ryzen Specs Overclocking Architecture Mem OC

Well have to see what better solutions can worried with real-time ray tracing support As a quick aside note that AMD is planning a 7nm Navi GPU for late 2020 or 2021 and that it is aiming to support some form of hybrid ray-tracing in the future
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Building a VR Ready PC or Laptop

For example you can put the operating system and programs on the SSD and store files such as pictures or video on the HDD Hybrid drives are okay and on them focused on a graphic technique called ray tracing There is also a Nvidia 1660 which is
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Automated macromolecular model building for X-ray crystallography using ARPwARP version 7

Free atoms and hybrid models A crystallographic electron around 80 and for strands about 50 even if the X-ray data extend to as low as 45 resolution That makes it a first choice solution for fast evaluation of the success of a data collection
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SAPPHIRE Adds 2GB HD 4890 to Vapor-X Series

The choke is an important component of the power regulation on a graphics card and the SAPPHIRE Black Diamond patent pending smooth decoding of Blu-ray and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and H264 codecs as well as Mpeg files
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