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Amazon's next foray into fashion is a personal shopping service

Amazon's adventures in fashion haven't usually set the world on fire, but it might have a more appealing option: have someone else pick your apparel …Read more

Amazons next foray into fashion is a personal shopping service

Amazons adventures in fashion havent usually set the world on fire but it might have a more appealing option have someone else pick your apparel choices It just launched a Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe service that for 5 per month on top of
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Walmart goes upscale with personal shopper service

NEW YORK – Walmart on Thursday unveiled a new concierge shopping service enabling customers to get quick deliveries and advice from a personal assistant have been scrambling in the face of Amazon39s push into various sectors including groceries
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We have a culture war to win Why Starbucks cups always stir up controversy

The companys current foray into the headlines famously liberal baristas into being hypocritical in some fashion to refuse to serve a customer in the same way that some opponents of same-sex marriage want to refuse service to gay couples said
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Dominating Your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

There is a basic reality that WhatsApp was designed for personal service which we find very helpful We find responding to people generates a positive response and they like that we take the time to respond The Guardian was next into the foray
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Healthcare Beware New Intruders are Coming – Introducing the New Gold Rush

This product will be offered as a bundled service consisting contextual fashion It then can be connected through the cloud to a supercomputer like IBMs Watson to provide insights into not just your health but also your personal potential
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What the Guys Behind Grailed The Shopping Site Menswear Fans Swear By Wear to Work

In 2014 Arun Gupta bet that there were enough guys scouring forums and eBay for their personal grails that he could build I used to work in a more corporate environment so my first foray into menswear was naturally on the more tailored side
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