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Amazon Is A $12B Machine Creating Product For The Real Estate Investment Market

It is a machine that has manufactured product for the real estate investment market, and changed the logistics investment sector from a domestic or …Read more

Amazon Is A 12B Machine Creating Product For The Real Estate Investment Market

Want to get a jump-start on upcoming deals Meet the major London players at one of our upcoming events As a shopper it can be hard to remember what the world was like before Amazon came along The same is pretty much true if you are a real estate investor
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Roundup Of Machine Learning Forecasts And Market Estimates 2018

Tech market leaders including Amazon Apple Google Tesla and Microsoft are leading their industry sectors by a wide margin in machine learning ML and AI investment Each is designing ML into future-generation products and using ML and AI to improve
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Amazon HQ2 is still a mystery but this real estate startup already plans to expand to the winning city

But the next city Amazon goal to create more transparency around real estate especially in commercial real estate and that just hasnt existed in the past We think this is a good first step CityBldrs plan to make HQ2 its third market
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5 Stock Picks for Americas Everlasting Trade War

Tariffs have far more impact than just the products themselves allowing Intuit to mine that 20 billion market Real estate investment companies can be exposed to tariffs if they are active
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The Amazon Selling Machine

It is selling advertising on Amazoncom encouraging brands to create Alexa skills so they can market to people when theyre at Amazon owns a large swath of the internets advertising real estatebut it also owns the information advertisers
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First the Internet Then Social Media Will Asset Class Disintermediation Be the Next Big Wave

Like fax to email All email did was make communication faster and better creating interactions that were impossible over a fax machine estate there hasnt been a proper revolution in investing for the past 25 years While REITs real estate
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