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AMANDA-LANCHE: Bookies Say All The Logies Money Is On Keller

The Logies are on this Sunday and if the money is any guide, Network 10's Amanda Keller is a huge chance of taking home gold. While Tom Gleeson is still the favourite, Keller's odds have been getting shorter and shorter — a trend which directly reflects the …Read more

Amanda Keller says Grant Denyer won Logie fair and square

Tom Gleeson campaigned for Grant Denyer to win last years Gold Logie as he thought it would be funny if someone won despite just having their show axed And speaking to The Courier Mail on Sunday Amanda Keller is the bookies favourite ahead of
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Amanda Keller slams Tom Gleeson for mocking the Logies with a comedic smear campaign

Amanda Keller has slammed her fellow Gold Logie nominee Tom Gleeson for mocking the awards ceremony While Amanda said that she understands Toms campaign is all in jest she claimed the personal attacks werent necessary Its always been that
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