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Allentown's Arts Walk has a new connection

Allentown leaders on Tuesday unveiled the completed walkway behind the Sovereign building between the 600 block Hamilton Street and the Arts …Read more

Love Island USA THREE new islanders arrive at the villa as a love triangle is brewing

The new islanders are Jered 27 real estate agent Anton 24 personal trainer and Emily 21 law studentbartender Everyone still blindfolded Islanders instructed not to say anything while touching each other as the three newcomers walk up to the villa
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Fine Art Is Good Medicine How Hospitals Around the World Are Experimenting With the Healing Power of Art

But today as scholars increasingly view health holistically new research has begun to take seriously the role that art can play in with no corridor connection between them and the other
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Scott Stapp Is Defeating His Demons One Mile at a Time

Purpose for Pain clearly carries a potent message with a chorus that hits with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer Given everything that Stapp has overcome with myself in a new way and found the clarity and regained the connection to my body
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Arts Battle and Vail Jazz Riverwalk collide for one culturally-rich Friday afternoon full of free events

First the Alpine Arts Center has organized an Art Battle event from 3-6 Backyard for the Vail Jazz concert featuring The Crescent City Connection The band gets its name from the New Orleans bridge of the same name spanning over the Mississippi
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Astoria is a craft cocktail bar with a killer Sichuan menu

The term feels so inadequate and so shamefully hollow compared with the actual red oil that Devin Gong has sculpted for Astoria Astoria is a nod to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York with its Art Deco sumptuousness and century-plus commitment
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Kohler Art Walk where art industry intersect Manitowoc Art Forward

Like many of their competitors Kohler Co has departments full of engineers product improvement specialists and industrial designers charged with developing the next fresh new idea the ArtsIndustry sculptures enhance the walk between Kohler Design
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