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All Things Real Estate: Know law so you can educate small claims court judge

We listed the property with a local real estate company and ultimately found a buyer and closed escrow. We have now been served with a small claims …Read more

10 Things To Know About Real Estate Practice

note Welcome to the latest installment of Better Know A Practice Who do you work with It is common in large law firms for real estate transactions to be staffed with attorneys at differing levels of experience Small transactions typically consist
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What Happens When You Need Small Claims Help

But not all companies are reasonable and that includes pig breeders So should you file a complaint in small claims court law firm Lucre Legal Shes offered her clients small claims help in the past Attorneys know what judges find compelling and
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Youre a law student but when did you last visit a courtroom

Those cases you read because of course you do actually read them are about things that happened to real people and there are few better things you can do as a student than going to court and watching the law small fee At the Old Bailey the
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Estate Planning Checklist Everything You Need to Know

Unfortunately far too many people dont know what a complete estate plan includes or how to go about creating one Making an estate plan involves way more than writing up a will and you should ideally get legal help with it so you can use the right
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What to Know About Taking a Debtor to Small Claims Court

You cant get blood from a turnip so think but in court its critical to be mindful of your manners and keep emotions at bay for the best outcome A lot of small claims court is he said she said and it is impossible for the judge to know exactly
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West Bank judge stole 70000 from mother-in-laws estate prosecutors say

Patrick DeJean the Marrero justice of the peace accused of pocketing public money over-garnishing debtors wages and keeping the excess also embezzled 70000 from his mother-in-laws estate Court a small-claims office that among other things
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