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All About Caster Semenya, the Olympian Barred From Racing Against Other Women

On May 1, international athletics' highest court ruled against Caster Semenya, a two-time Olympic champion runner from South Africa. Per their controversial decision — which the court openly acknowledged as discriminatory — female athletes with higher …Read more

Caster Semenya Olympic 800m champion can compete after Swiss court ruling

Caster Semenya The Olympic 800m champion 28 last month lost her challenge to the Court of Arbitration for Sport Cas against the implementation of a restriction on testosterone levels in female runners The ruling would have affected women competing
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Ruling Leaves Caster Semenya With Few Good Options

After being temporarily barred by the Swiss Supreme Court from running in her preferred event the 800 meters the Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya all her life She has said that questions over her gender were unfair She called an earlier ruling
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Our August Cover Star Caster Semenya The Athlete in the Fight of Her Life

As per usual the crowd in the stands cheers loudly for her remarkably more than almost all the other women in the her best event Caster Semenya arguably one of the greatest runners in the world was being effectively banned from competing
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The Whole World Is Watching Caster Semenya vs IAAF

No other against a tidal rush of better equipment faster tracks more money and a womens running boom Semenyas case is different Yet similar Semenya is a five-time World and Olympic champion who currently stands in fourth place on the
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The case of Caster Semenya raises complex questions about sex in sports

Caster Semenya received rule and the International Olympic Committee concurred allowing women with hyperandrogenism to compete in Rio Scientific research on this complex and sensitive issue acknowledges that many other factors are at play biological
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How Caster Semenyas case could alter the landscape of womens sport

A court has ordered South African runner and Olympic against this woman but were doing it to protect the integrity of womens athletics more broadly What do you make of that Well first of all we cannot say it enough how terribly Caster Semenya
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