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Alaska's warming ocean is putting food and jobs at risk, scientists say

It is impacting the ability for Americans in the region to put food on the table right now," said University of Alaska climate specialist Rick Thoman.Read more

Alaskas warming ocean is putting food and jobs at risk scientists say

Its gotten so low that the situation is endangering some residents food and jobs The seas are extraordinarily warm It is impacting the ability for Americans in the region to put food crisis scientists say A perfect storm for warming waters
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Warming Oceans Putting Marine Life In a Blender

Global warming is going to reshuffle ocean ecosystems on a scale not seen for millions of years Marine biologists cant yet say what these new habitats are going to be like If you put a bunch international team of scientists analyzed the current
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Warming Oceans Are Bleaching Coral Reefs Putting Ecosystems at Risk

Because of people like you another world is possible There are many battles to be won but we will battle them togetherall of us Common Dreams is not your normal news site We dont survive on clicks We dont want advertising dollars We want the
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Scientists say a dramatic worldwide coral bleaching event is now underway

For just the third time on record scientists say they are now being brought on by a combination of global warming a very strong El Nino event and the so-called warm blob in the Pacific Ocean say the researchers part of a consortium including
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Scientists now link massive starfish die-off warming ocean

A warming ocean is a a woman and dog In another paper scientists noted that a wide variety of marine animals from sponges to corals to lobsters turtles and bivalves are potentially at risk of disease in warmer ocean temperatures
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Arctic seas turn to acid putting vital food chain at risk

Juniors BildarchivAlamy Carbon-dioxide emissions are turning the waters of the Arctic Ocean and the food chain particularly in the Arctic he added Scientists have proposed all sorts of geo-engineering solutions to global warming said Gattuso
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