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Akçakoca'da bıçaklı kavga: 1 ölü

Vatandaşların haber vermesi üzerine olay yerine gelen ambulansla Akçakoca Devlet Hastanesine kaldırılan Nurdahan K. yapılan müdahalelere rağmen hayatını kaybetti. Musa Y. ise polis ekipleri tarafından gözaltına alınırken olayla ilgili olarak soruşturma …Read more

Global Markets Wall Street Opens Higher European ndexes Fall With Ecb Statements

Manufacturing productivity on the other hand declined by 12 percent and unit labor costs declined by 52 percent – Nasdaq hitting record high with 765730 declined by 007 percent down to 763200 EUROPE With trade concerns and signals from
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Milk Collected By ntegrated Dairies Fell By 49 Pct

During the same period cheese production from cows milk fell by 14 percent to 59 thousand 175 tonnes and cheese production from sheep goat buffalo and mixed milk fell by 04 percent to 615 tonnes Yoghurt production fell by 34 percent to 90 thousand
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Employment Falls In All Sectors Of Turkish Economy In Q1

On the other hand gross wages-salaries rose by 01 percent in the first quarter on quarterly basis while wages fell by 15 percent on annual basis Employment in trade and services sectors fell by 01 percent and industrial employment fell by 07
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International donors pledge aid for Gaza rebuilding

In a significant move Arab Gulf nations – including Saudi Arabia Qatar and Kuwait – pledged 16 billion but bypassed both Hamas and Abbas The Gulf nations said in a statement they would set up a joint office in Gaza to carry out reconstruction on
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Perfect Weather For Bombing Says Russian Weathergirl About Syria

This is not the first time that the same weathergirl has forecast Syria in an unconventional way On Oct 1 the channel hit headlines after adding Syria to its forecasted cities as if it was just another Russian region – Moscow
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Turkey Seeks Chinese Incentive For Lingering Missile Program

Following the China visit Erdoan will also visit Indonesia July 30-Aug 1 the statement said He will meet Indonesian President Joko Widodo and also participate in the Turkey-Indonesia Business Forum during the visit
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