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Airport amenities to ease summer travel: Free movies, food delivery and more

Summer may be half over, but some of the hassles of summer travel never end. Which is why we're pleased to see many of the nation's airports …Read more

The best new airport amenities of 2017

In our roundup of the best new airport amenities of 2016 we celebrated perks such as the and the fact that the first flush of more than 100 sets of bathrooms updated at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport were impressive enough to take first
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14 airport amenities that will make you long for a layover

If you fly youre going to have to spend a good amount of time at the airport either waiting to take off or between flights Thankfully more and more airports are sympathetic to your situation and are adding unique amenities to help keep you entertained
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Denver International Airport is working to become a destination with ice skating and goat yoga in and of itself

Air travel is surging globally and DIA and other airports that are spending billions of dollars to lure more flights and revenue are also embracing far-flung ideas designed to make passengers feel less like cattle and ease the stress of flying
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At Former TWA Terminal Your Hotel Is Now Boarding

But the TWA hotel is not alone among a new generation of airport hotels getting upgrades in style and amenities across the with their landlords Better food more diversions and calm settings designed to ease the stress of traveling aim to attract
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Why Portland Is Americas Best Airport

While navigating through airports can often be a stressful experience having facilities that offer you ample entertainment food and that provide top customer service can make all the difference Travel airport even offers free Wi-Fi throughout to
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Best new airport amenities of 2018 Smart bathrooms therapy alligators more

In our roundup of the best new airport amenities of 2017 at ATL got smart technology in a set of loos too More Need the toilet LAX bathroom lights tell travelers if stalls are free See ya later alligator The list of airports welcoming therapy
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