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AI is making the fashion industry more intelligent — and expressions of style less individualistic

Artificial intelligence is changing the fashion industry in many ways. AI innovations will serve mass retail and mainstream looks, so we have a whole …Read more

Capitalism and Democracy: Can They Coexist?

It’s Reigning Men: Gender Roles and How They Hurt You | Lilia Fromm | TEDxLincoln

Happiness Through Gratitude with AJ Jacobs | Chase Jarvis LIVE

Class 3, Part 2: The Competitive Challenge to U.S. Manufacturing

How artificial intelligence is changing advertising

When artificial intelligence fi- style inventions However AI doesnt just mean robots that can walk and talk there are plenty of less spectacular iterations of artificial intelligence that feature in our advertising industry in a more understat
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Meet These Incredible Women Advancing AI Research

You already know that artificial intelligence is eating the world transforming virtually every industry see more transformation than the previous 50 she predicts but also warns against pharmaceutical companies adopting AI in a piecemeal fashion
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How Amazons DeepLens seeks to rewire the old web with new AI

By volume the category of AI application that is at or near the top of the most actively deployed list is not decision making or forecasting Over time as it becomes more commonplace human beings attribute less and less intelligence artificial
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How AI is improving the lives of children with challenges

The global giant has been doubling down on machine learning and artificial intelligence opening up powerful tools to smaller companies and organisations at a more industry to do that alone Dr Sahin has a clear view of the impending impact of AI
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With the AI genie firmly out of the bottle what impact could this have on accountants

What is even more of AI Almost 60 per cent told us that it will become a reality within three years and they see it as a huge opportunity for better business intelligence across a range of activities carried out by accountants Less than a third
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Say What Voice Tech Speaks Business Fluently Now Is Your Enterprise Ready

The global voice tech industry is expected to reach US1265 billion by 2023 Enterprise might be lagging behind consumer voice tech adoption but 2018 could very well be the year when it begins to make s AI will need more emotional intelligence
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