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Ahead of His Latest Album, Chance the Rapper Finally Releases 10 Day and Acid Rap on Streaming and Vinyl

In addition to launching a preorder for his forthcoming tour and album, Chicagoist owner and Rahm Emanuel antagonist Chance the Rapper has finally made his first two mixtapes, 10Day and Acid Rap, available for users of Spotify and Apple Music.Read more

Chance The Rapper announces debut album and releases mixtapes on streamingvinyl

Chance The Rapper has announced details of his long-awaited debut album and has finally released two of his old mixtapes on streaming sites and vinyl the new album Chance has placed his mixtapes 10 Day and Acid Rap on streaming
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Chance The Rapper drops mixtapes on streaming announces album and tour

Chance The Rapper has officially released his early mixtapes 10 Day and Acid Rap on streaming services The drops come alongside new merchandise and vinyl available here Chance has also opened preorders for his debut album due some time in July
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Chance the Rapper blesses us by releasing mixtapes 10Day and Acid Rap on all streaming platforms

Chance the Rapper is releasing his 10Day and Acid Rap mixtapes on all streaming platforms so maybe we bandwagon fans can finally get had been released free on Soundcloud
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Chance The Rappers Acid Rap 10 Day Mixtapes Headed To Streaming Services

Chance the Rappers 10 Day and Acid Rap mixtapes will finally streaming platforms the Chicago native revealed via social media Thursday June 27 The release will be accompanied by exclusive vinyl and merch and the pre-sale of his long
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7 reasons to love Chance the Rapper ahead of his sold-out Xcel Center concert

Chances ascent has gone somewhat unnoticed in mainstream circles because most of his success as a recording artist has been through streaming not album sales Not that the hottest young indie rapper in 2013 mixtape Acid Rap was based on
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Exclusive Chance the Rapper Reveals New Album Surf Working With Frank Ocean J Cole

In the year and a half since he released his breakout mixtape Acid Rap Chance the Rapper has charted a remarkable feel its equally effective to put out 10 songs over 10 months as opposed to one 10-track album Yeah Thats the cool thing I can
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