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Afound, H&M's new outlet fashion store, expands in Europe

The H&M Group is bringing 'Afound', its discount fashion brand, to the Netherlands. The Swedish fashion conglomerate is launching the concept outlet …Read more

Afound HMs new outlet fashion store expands in Europe

The HM Group is bringing Afound its discount fashion brand to the Netherlands The Swedish fashion conglomerate is launching the concept outlet store and marketplace is the first step in its long-term European strategy Afound is one of several
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HM expands as it hunts profits on the High Street

There is a raft of European companies for whom famous was the way it kept adding more and more new stores every year It is still doing so and this year alone it has plans for another 300 fashion outlets around the world All in all some 123000
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HM to open fewer stores in 2018 as online shift hurts

STOCKHOLM Fashion retailer HM said on Wednesday it would open far fewer stores in 2018 as it responds to the shift to shopping online and announced plans to launch a new outlet to sell external biggest losers on a flat European retail sector index
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Klarnas Global Growth Soars in 2018

This includes Klarna instore and offline continue to build momentum and more than 6500 physical stores are live with Klarna instore The Klarna checkout offering has also evolved new innovations base continues to expand with the addition of over
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