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Acid attack convicts deserve no mercy despite pardon: SC

ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the plea for acquittal filed by an acid attack convict, saying he deserved no mercy despite the claim that his victim had forgiven him for the crime. READ MORE: Washington launches probe into France’s …Read more

Verdict out SC convicts Gilani of contempt

ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court of Pakistan convicted Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Thursday the case of Dr Mubashir Hasan versus the Federation of Pakistan PLD 2010 SC 265 After our satisfaction that the contempt committed by him is
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Michele Bachmann Pledges to Increase the Size and Scope of Government

And as the Quarterly Journal of Economics noted in 2006 no-fault divorce has actually made womens lives better pdf Easy access to divorce redistributes marital power from the party interested in preserving the marriage to the partner who wants out
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Pope Francis claims he is a sinner in Gods mercy

In the first book of his papacy the Pope – a frequent visitor to prisons – told how he could have been in jail if he was wasnt a pontiff and refers to his special relationship with convicts Gods mercy we really are ashamed of ourselves Despite
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Why the Bailout Bill Failed

There are no easy answers here as the Houses stunning defeat moments so Im going to punish the country Its possible despite weeks of warnings and a stock market that is cratering as we speak that a lot of members still arent taking any of
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Memoirs of a Hindu girl

Of those incidents I still vividly remember no one eating with me and refusing to sip from the if only I could give us all an identity that we rightly deserve Looking at all the faces that once seemed familiar I wondered who am I
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The intriguing leads and compelling questions buried in the Mueller report

Birthed amid a blizzard of lies by Team Trump the Mueller report is replete with buried ledes stories that would normally dominate headlines as well as open questions that deserve foreign hack attack Weve known that convicted one-time
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