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Acid attack an offence worse than murder, says CJP Khosa

ISLAMABAD: In a historic decision, Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa on Thursday rejected the acquittal plea of acid attack convict who was “pardoned” by his victim, maintaining that heinous act was a bigger crime than murder. He announced the …Read more

Justice for Jyoti Singh

For according to Indias National Crime Records Bureau data for 2016 incidents of rape shot up by more than 82 percent as compared to the and every month 19 women were victims of acid attacks Thus for many the SC sentencing may have more to
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Prayer leader jailed for five years over hate speech

LAHORE An anti-terrorism court sentenced on Tuesday a prayer leader of Kasur to five years in jail for delivering a hate speech at a public gathering A case under Section 9 of the Anti-Terrorism Act had been registered against Qari Abubakar at Kot Radha
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Raped and murdered Girl found dead on Karachi beach

The medico-legal officer said that the victim was raped and then murdered adding that they are not sure if more than one person had raped her IG Sindh has taken notice of the murder DSP Saleem Akhtar has claimed that they will apprehend the
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The Counter-Strike Mission

This act of terrorism which apparently seems an outcome of some psychological disorder and termed as a mass shooting is even worse in reality was so addicted to Counter Strike that he used to say that he wants to kill Muslims just like the gunner
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Occupy Rigs Up Human-power After Generators Are Confiscated

Looks like New Yorks fire brigade confiscated all of the gas or bio-diesel generators from Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park Apparently the Fire Chief cites the generators as a fire hazard This seems a dubious claim One of the shots
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Why Pakistanis and Indians are in no position to mock each other

Foreign nationals are not safe in India because an Australian couple was harassed by extremists over a tattoo issue but the murder of nine foreign tourists Mehmood Kasuris book was an abominable crime by Hindu extremists but the kidnapping
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