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Abortion laws get more attention in the culture wars

But while that culture war rages, significant changes in access to contraception attract less attention. Power to Decide, formerly the National Campaign …Read more

Republicans Terrified That Their Anti-Abortion Crusade Will Cost Them 2020

What abortion bills passed in Alabama, Georgia have in common

2 More States Follow AL And Move Forward With Anti-Abortion Bills | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Ben Shapiro: US commentator clashes with BBC's Andrew Neil – BBC News

Hollywood producer Conservatives need to go to the movies or lose the culture war

DENVER If conservatives want any shot at influencing the culture plays like an episode of Law Order with both a police investigation and a courtroom drama The fact that its a feature film carries more political and cultural weight
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At the Western Conservative Summit A Call to Keep Fighting the Culture Wars

I didnt get it I was like the effort to repeal abortion is a perfect fit for this years theme because letting the religiously aligned belief that life begins at conception dictate federal laws is an important part of defending religious
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New York becoming haven for abortion tourism as other states pass pro-life laws

The numbers in the article indicating an increase in women coming from other states to New York to get law professor at Northeastern University in Boston Its a big statement This is a culture war to some degree Illinois passed its extreme
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My illegal abortion One woman recounts ending her pregnancy pre-Roe v Wade as more states pass near-bans on the procedure

The recent high school graduate by then more than with Vietnam War protests and bra burnings and talk of free love Then in January 1973 a headline on the front page of the Tribune declared Top court strikes down abortion laws Supreme Court rules
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The heartbeat law revives a culture war that the GOP could lose

Abortion wont be the only issue in the coming culture war more than education more than the HOPE scholarship and more than health care One was this Georgia cant attract Amazon and other businesses if it keeps proposing new laws that
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Dear Hollywood Georgias new abortion law means you have to stop shooting there Now

Dear Hollywood Get law which is scheduled to go into effect Jan 1 2020 and many believe it will be delayed if not struck down But thats not the point The point is Georgias governor signed into law one of the most restrictive punitive
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