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Abigail Disney 'Livid' After Seeing Disneyland Work Environment

As an heiress to the Disney fortune, anything Abigail Disney says about the brand beloved by millions worldwide garners attention. And she's calling out Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger for his nearly $66 million yearly salary, saying he isn't doing enough to …Read more

I was so livid Disney heiress visits theme park undercover to see worker conditions

To understand the grievances of Walt Disney Co employees Abigail Disney said she recently went undercover to Disneyland after receiving a Facebook adding that this was not the work environment her grandfather Roy O Disney sought out to create
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COLUMN ONE Biosphere 2 Trouble in Paradise What began as a theater troupes fantasy is now a nightmare of legal wrangles and bitter feuds

Until recently the Basses owned a 249 share of Disney In a written response to a reporters query several years ago about the theme park aspects of the Biosphere Bass said As to the accusatory claims that this is Disneyland it certainly is
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Why Abigail Disney is trying to shame 250 billion company that bears her name

The entertainment heiress on why shes trying to shame the 250bn company that bears her name Ugh I hate it Abigail Disney groans as I ask her to clear up once and for all just how much she is worth Its easier to talk about sex than money
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Walt Disney WAS a racist and a misogynist just as Meryl Streep claims admits his grandniece

The great-niece of Walt Disney has come out in support of Meryl Streep after the Eminem Streep added Abigail Disney agreed with those sentiments too But damn he was hella good at making films and his work has made billions of people happy
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Disney Heiress Calls For Wealth Tax We Have To Draw A Line

Abigail Disney is that low-income people who work full time at minimum wage dont need food stamps to get through their days Thats the world I want to live in On the crux of why shes speaking out against Disney I know that company pretty
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Disneyland Resort

It refers to our newest destination at Disney California Adventure park Cars Land an animated world from the Disney-Pixar Cars films brought to life in a theme park environment when he originally opened Disneyland back in 1955
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