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AA predicts petrol price hike & diesel price drop for August

JOHANNESBURG – Fuel prices for August were set for changes with predictions that the petrol price would go up and the diesel price would come down. According to the latest figures, the Automobile Association (AA) forecasted that petrol would increase by …Read more

Fuel price hike predicted as oil prices soar

CAPE TOWN – Mid-month fuel projections for motorists show a mixed view for motorists as we head towards August Petrol users can expect an increase of seven cents per litre while diesel users can
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AA Warns For Another Fuel Price Hike In May

The Automobile Association AA fuel price hike due to higher international prices The AA said on Monday a litre of petrol was likely to set you back 56 cents more next month while its predicting that diesel will decrease by 5 cents If the
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Petrol price decrease soon

READ AA predicts petrol price drop for November The self-adjusting slate levy mechanism rules come into effect on Wednesday which amounts to 2192 cents per litre for petrol and diesel However diesel will increase by between 4792 cents and 5092
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August fuel price predictions still mixed

Commenting on unaudited data released by the Central Energy Fund on Monday 29 July the AA said that dearer international oil prices see petrol rise by 12 cents a litre but diesel drop
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Petrol price hike 5 essential fuel saving tips

have to fork out more for petrol and diesel as a fuel price hike is expected at the end of August 2017 Petrol diesel to rise The Automobile Associations mid-month fuel outlook prediction shows that petrol is expected to climb by 63 cents a litre
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AA predicts another fuel price hike

CAPE TOWN – Motorists can brace themselves for another fuel price hike The Automobile Association AA is predicting the price of petrol of 43 cents per litre for petrol 62 cents for diesel and 47 cents for illuminating paraffin
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