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A visit to Cuba reveals economic pain of Trump's travel ban

The visit had been organized by the Center for Responsible Travel, a nonprofit, policy-oriented research organization focused on critical tourism …Read more

Trump banned US cruise ships from traveling to Cuba and Carnival is feeling the pain

The Trump administrations ban on cruise-ship travel to Cuba has made Carnival opposition leader Juan Guaido amid a spiraling economic crisis The Trump administration has previously condemned Cubas support of Maduro and threatened an embargo on
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Trump administration halts cruises to Cuba under new rules

WASHINGTON The Trump administration on Tuesday imposed major new travel restrictions on visits to Cuba by US citizens an important economic lifeline to the island Along with the cruise ships the US will also now ban most private planes
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Travellers to Cuba urged to explore Caribbean nation before it becomes

TravelSupermarket travel expert Bob Atkinson is urging anyone who is thinking of visiting Cuba to book sooner rather than later Speaking to MailOnline Travel Mr Atkinson said It really is a unique place to visit long-standing ban on importing
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Priebus Trump will void Cuba deal unless Castro regime moves to concessions

Obama used executive actions to ease sanctions against Cuba The president ended the 180-day ban on to travel to Cuba in cultural exchange programs Obama visited Cuba in March becoming the first president since Calvin Coolidge to visit the island
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Democrats return to search for Trump smoking gun

FBI Director Christopher Wray told senators that China is engaging in a sweeping effort to steal its way to economic dominance with more than 1000 investigations underway on intellectual property theft almost all leading back to China The US
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The Ongoing Gratuitous Cruelty of Trumps Travel Ban

Donald Trumps travel ban policy barring nearly all entry into the United States by citizens of several Muslim-majority nations has mostly been out of the headlines since the Supreme Courts dubious June 2018 decision upholding it But it continues to
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