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A real estate revolution

Neil Bullen of Turner & Townsend comments: The real estate sector is at an exciting juncture. Disruption is bringing the opportunity to reduce risk and …Read more

Ryan Williams Is Bringing the Proptech Revolution to Real Estate Investing

Real estate is an industry notoriously stuck in its ways and slow to change Cash-generating bricks-and-mortar assets are at the very heart of the enterprise and in many ways business is
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Real estate today amid digital transformation

There are three reasons as to why the current transformation is not only a continuation of the Third Industrial Revolution but rather represents the presence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which indicates radical changes velocity scope and systems
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Blockchain in real estate is seeing evolution not revolution

Blockchains potential as a gamechanger for the real estate industry is slowly taking shape according to a new report The non-profit FIBREE – the Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise which was founded in 2018 and is growing
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Digital Currency Revolution Series Bitcoin – A Safe-Haven Investment Amid Global Slowdown

On the contrary the global economy begins to slump or access through a recessionary zone under such a scenario investors likely to head backward to safe haven asset classes such as gold real estate FX pairs such as CHF or JPY all highly regarded for
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You Say You Want a Revolution Part 2

everyone else in Hollywood would have been aware of the development potential of all that empty real estate theyve left fallow in the center and on the right Thats one of the self-limiting
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Software is Eating the Real Estate Services World Next

The era of real estate platforms and marketplaces has passed Were now entering the most significant revolution of real estate yet the full-stack real estate services revolution Today technology is shifting focus into the offline world of services
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