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A Cautionary Tale of the World's Superrich Blowing Millions on Art

In 1930, as the U.S. entered the second year of the Great Depression, Anna Thomson Dodge decided to build a mansion in Grosse Pointe Farms, …Read more

A Cautionary Tale of the Worlds Superrich Blowing Millions on Art

Her husband a founder of Dodge Motors had died several years before and she had money to spendreportedly up to 18 million a year Dodge enlisted Joseph Duveen one of the most prestigious art dealers is where the cautionary tale comes to
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The ballerinas will make you dizzy but if youre a fan of George and Iraits a real Gershwinner

Written in 1906 its a cautionary tale which begins with the formidable Lady Denison Paula Stockbridge inviting guests to her manor on the grounds they are all so disagreeable they are unlikely to be asked by anyone else This is the act of charity
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New Video of Police Brutality at Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oaklands clashes mostly had Scott Olsens bleeding head as the face of police excess Olsen is the Iraq War veteran who was hit by a teargas canister on October 25 and knocked down then the bystanders who rushed to his aid were attacked by a cop
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Valerie Strauss

Valerie Strauss covers education and runs The Washington Posts long-running Answer Sheet blog She sees the education beat broadly and writes about the practice politics sociology and psychology and it She writes her own pieces and publishes on her
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Film Essent Archive for May 2010

Context dude Lets look at this another way The dad being interviewed in this video tries to make the LAME argument that this was never intended to be viewed by millions of people as if it being limited only to the audience that was there makes
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Power Reading

On the CBS EVENING NEWS Katie Couric asks candidates from both parties which book other than the Bible they would bring with them to the White House and posits Its true you cant judge a book by its cover but you can tell a lot about a person by
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